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Centers of Excellence – Towards Business Rule Stewardship and Governance

Enterprises new to Business Decision Management – business rules and process – are often anxious to jump into development without first setting the standards for how this work will proceed. Allegiance Advisory Group (AAG) strongly believes the successful Enterprise will establish governance (often in the form of a Center of Excellence) to ensure success. Why […]


First and Last – A Tale of Two Enterprises

Enterprises can take very different approaches to get to the same place in terms of corporate agility with Business Decision Management. While Allegiance Advisory Group (AAG) strongly believes in the importance of setting a strong Enterprise foundation before moving forward with these methodologies and technologies, it is important to note that it is never too […]


2015: Vendor Risk Trends & Effective Management

Summary As financial services institutions struggle to balance margin pressures and compliance requirements; outsourcing of business processes has become a standard operating procedure. In today’s environment, regulatory agencies are increasing their oversight of third party vendors as part of their safety and soundness responsibilities. The majority of outsourcing and third party relationships center around IT […]


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